Bounded By Love Paperback Book

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Bounded By Love Paperback Book

Asia Brooks thought she escaped her past, but little did she know it has caught up to her. Running away from her abusive boyfriend, she has moved from state to state until she finds herself in Charlotte, North Carolina working as a security officer. As Asia tries to settle into a new life in a new city, she unexpectantly finds love from the one man she never would have thought, her boss.

Darnell Whitworth, II is one of Forbes's richest bachelors and has become Asia’s guardian angel without her knowledge. Knowing who she is the moment he laid eyes on her, Darnell secretly swore to protect her at all cost, and with that, he devised a plan to get her closer to him. Not knowing the extent of Asia’s story, Darnell is drawn into a web of lies, seduction, and a ransom that could destroy his image and that of his family.

Will these two overcome the drama that is lurking around them or will they become victims to it?

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