About Us

Welcome Divas!

My name is Yolanda Williams, founder of Diva Yolan. I would like to personally thank you so much for stopping by to check us out!

I have always been about girl power and women encouraging other women. I chose the word Diva as part of the business name and brand because I wanted to turn what some see as deragatory and make it something all women can and should own.

When you read, wear, use, or carry a Diva Yolan product, I want you to feel like the Divine Individual who's Vivacious and Authentic.

Diva Yolan's mission is to represent the woman who exudes confidence in the skin she’s in, has great style, and personality. She is a hustler in her own right and stands out from the rest. As a strong and independent woman, she embraces other divas, gives back to her community, and does it all with class!