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Under the Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe

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Carmen Sanders is living the life most people dreamed of, a multi-million dollar empire, brains, and beauty. What she doesn't have, though is a man. Being busy with her business has kept her mind off dating, but with the holidays approaching and her family deciding to do their own separate things for Christmas, loneliness has crept in.

All Lejeune Daniels has going on is his construction business and being the father of the year to his daughter, Layla. The holidays were always drab for him since it was around the time he was sentenced to do a bid eight years ago.

They both had their share of pitiful holidays and Ebenezer Scrooge's feelings. However, they both have been in need of something new. An encounter one night changed their lives. Will the Christmas spirit leave them both as it has always been for the past few years, wondering what do the lonely do for Christmas? Or will the Christmas spirit finally bring them good cheer and kisses under the mistletoe?

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